Settings Dialog - Connections Panel

Connection List

This list contains all created connection configurations. The configurations appear in the same order as they will appear in Query Window connection list.


New Opens the plugin settings dialog. In the dialog you can edit the connection properties, query and result parameters, templates and so on.
Delete Refreshes the displayed data.
Copy Closes the browser tool window.
Move Up Opens this help dialog.
Move Down Displays a window with information about this plugin.

Properties Panel

This panel displays the properties of the connection configuration selected in the left list.

Name The name of the selected connection.
Group This field allows you to group your connections by your own criterias. Enter the name of a new group or select a group from the drop down list.
Driver The JDBC driver used for the connection. The driver determines the name of the driver class, the format of the JDBC URL and the possible properties. If your driver is not listed you can use 'Other Driver' and explicitly specify the class name and the URL.

The icon before the driver shows if the driver is available or not:
     Driver is not available
     Driver is available
     Used for the 'Other Driver'

  If you want that your driver is added to the list you can send me all the necessary information and I will add it to the list in the next release.
Properties Lists the values of all properties available for the selected driver. If the color of the row is lightblue the property is required.
Class Shows the classes of the JDBC driver the plugin searches for. If more than one classes are listed the driver starts searching for the classes at the beginning and stops after it has found a class.
URL The url that will be used to connect to the database.

Additional Properties Tab

On this panel you can set additional properties which are not available through the provided driver support.