The Query Tool Window


Open Query Opens a file chooser to load a query from the file system.
Save Query Opens a file chooser to save the currently selected query.
New Query Create a new empty query.
Copy Query Create a new query as a copy from the current one.
Settings Opens the plugin settings dialog. In the dialog you can edit the connection properties, query and result parameters, templates and so on.
Browser Opens the database browser as a separate tool window. The browser gives you an overview over the structur elements in the database.
Data Import Opens a wizard to import data from text files into database tables.
Disconnect Closes all open database connections.
Commit Commit the currently selected connection.
Rollback Rollbacks the currently selected connection.
Help Opens this help dialog.
About Displays a window with information about this plugin.


Execute Executes the current statement. The statement text will parsed into single statements separated by ';' or '/' (at line start only). The single statements will be executed separately
Execute as one Executes the current statement without parsing it first. Can be used to execute statements which the plugin has difficulties parsing.
Stop Stops a currently running query.
Quick Settings Quick access to some important plugin settings.
Export Export the data from the currently displayed result table into a file. The plugin currently supports export to XML, HTML and CSV.
Close Query Close the current query. Closing the last query closes the tool window.

Connection Selector and Connection Group Selector

The connection selector lets you select the connection the query will be execute on.

The connection group selector can be used if you too many connections setup and want to group them by certain criteria. If you select a connection group only the connections belonging to the group are available in the connection selector.

The current state of a connection is shown as a colored diamond in the connection icon.

The icons and their meanings:
The connection has a valid driver but is currently closed.
The connection is currently open.
The connection has no valid driver.

Query Field

Text field there you can type in the SQL statements you want to execute. The statements will be executing by pressing Ctrl+Enter or clicking on in the left toolbar.

Query Tabs

There will be a separate tab for every open query. All open queries are saved into the project workspace file and reloaded if reopening the project. An asterix behind the tab name indicates that the query text has been changed since the last save.

Result Table

Shows the result after executing the statements.

Result Tabs

The first tab of the result tabs is always visible and contains all text messages. The following tabs display the result sets of the executed statement. For every statement of the whole query returning a result set a new tab is added.