Settings Dialog - Result Panel

Queries Panel

Restrict number of rows loaded Selecting this flag restricts the number of rows that are loaded from the result set to the number in the field below. A message in the status bar will be displayed if a result set contained more rows than the limit.
Number of Rows The limit of rows loaded from a result set. This value is only used if the flag above is selected.
Partial queries Describes the action if the user has selected a part of a query and executes the query.

AskAsk the user before every execution
Execute part of queryAlways executes the selected query
Execute complete queryAlways executes the complete query
Save into workspace Save all open queries into the workspace file (.iws).
Stop on Error If selected the execution of a sequence of statements will stop after the first error.
Load LOB's If selected CLOB's and BLOB's data are loaded.
Include project classes for BLOB's If selected the classes of the current project will be included if BLOB's are loaded. This option can considerably lower the performance in some projects.

Result Table Panel

Save last table settings into workspace Save the column formats, column fonts, column sequence and sorting order into the workspace file (.iws).
Null String A string which will be display in the result table if the cell value is null. Can be used to distinguish between an empty string and a null string.
Automatically resize columns Describes how the plugin should try to fit result table columns to the cell values. fit table header - Set the width of a column such that the column name fits into the column. fit table content - Set the width of a column such that the all column values fit into the column.
Use Alternating Row Colors If selected every second row is displayed in different color.
Show Grid Lines If selected the plugin will paint the grid lines in the result table.
Highlight key columns If selected the plugins will try to automatically highlight the primary and foreign key columns of the result set. The columns are marked with a small colored bar on the left side of the table cells. This feature will not work with some JDBC drivers and only for simple queries like 'select * from TABLE'. Using this feature will increase the execution time considerably because the plugin needs to execute additional queries to retrieve the metadata.

Default Formats

Defines the default rendering of a result set value for each type.