Data Load Wizard - Processing Options

This step allows you to define the options for logging, error handling and commiting.


Log Level Defines which messages are logged. The levels are defined by Log4J.
DEBUGLogs all messages.
INFOLogs info, warning, error and fatal messages.
WARNINGLogs warning, error and fatal messages.
ERRORLogs error and fatal messages.
FATALLogs only fatal messages.
Log to file If selected the logging messages will also be written to the file defined in the field below.

Error Handling

Number of errors to stop Defines the number of errors after which the import will be aborted.
Copy invalid records to file If selected all records which couldn't be imported will be copied to the file specified below.

Database Handling

Commit changes If selected the data load will explicitly call commit after every record or batch.
Use batch mode for better performance

If selected the import statements are group to batches and executed together.

If the insert of one record in a batch fails the whole batch will be rejected.

Batch size Defines the number of records in one batch.