The Browser Tool Window


Settings Opens the plugin settings dialog. In the dialog you can edit the connection properties, query and result parameters, templates and so on.
Refresh Refreshes the displayed data.
Snapshot Saves a snapshot of the current database schema to an XML file. The feature can be used to compare different versions of a schema. The file will also contain the number of rows in the tables. Currently the comparing has be done with an third party tool but a internal comparing is planned.
Close Closes the browser tool window.
Help Opens this help dialog.
About Displays a window with information about this plugin.

Connection Selector and Connection Group Selector

The connection selector lets you select the connection the database structure will be displayed for.

The connection group selector can be used if you too many connections setup and want to group them by certain criteria. If you select a connection group only the connections belonging to the group are available in the connection selector.

The current state of a connection is shown as a colored diamond in the connection icon.

The icons and their meanings:
The connection has a valid driver but is currently closed.
The connection is currently open.
The connection has no valid driver.

Database Structure Tree

Shows all information about the database elements of the selected connection available through the JDBC driver. This includes:

  • Tables
  • Schemas
  • Functions
  • Stored Procedures
  • Data Types

This feature will not work on some databases depending on the type of database and JDBC driver used.

Properties Table

Shows all properties available for the in the structure view currently selected element.