Queries and Statements

The plugin can execute any queries supported by the JDBC driver and the database.

Its possible to execute more than one query at once if they are separated by ';' (semicolon) or a '/' (slash) on a new line.


select * from users;
select * from hosts
select * from users
select * from hosts
select * from users
/select * from hosts

If the result of the SQL statement is a result set a new table containing the result table is added. If the result is no result set a message is added to the message tab.

Complex Statements

Some complex statements contain the character ';' and would therefore not correctly execute if you use the normal (Execute) button. For executing such statements you have to use the (Execute as One) button. If you use this method the statement will not parsed but immediately executed.

The keyword 'describe' and statement templates can't be used in connection with this execution mode.

Copy Statements from Editor

The SQLPlugin adds the new action 'Send to SQLPlugin' to the editor context menu. The actions allows you to copy text from the editor window to the SQLPlugin. If you copy JAVA code the plugins will remove unnecessary quotes and comments.


"select *"
// Some comment
+"from test_table"

will be formatted to

select * from

from test_table