Road Map
Version 3.0

Bind variables

Parse sql statements for constructs like ?/*variableName*/ and give the user the ability to define the type and the value for all found bind variables before executing the statement.

Bind connection to query

Every query panel should be able to save the used connection and restore it on reactivation.

Quick Search

Provide quick search feature for browser tree and result tables.

Driver Model

Allow the definition of drivers and assign the jar/zip files to these drivers. This allows the usage of different versions of the same JDBC driver at the same time.

Full Table Export

Export the data of one table into a file without the need to load all rows at the same time.


Create diagrams for all or a selection of tables.



Provide basic support to reformat SQL statements. This will either be done by adding an interface to an external tool or implementing the feature itself.

Code Completion

Provide basic code completion features for editing SQL statements.